Ilario Vinciguerra | Restaurant
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The 3 key points that guide each of my creations with the famous 3 Ps:

Pane, Pasta e Pasticceria (Bread, Pasta and sweet Pastry), strictly “Home made”.


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An elegant and refined atmosphere located in the charming rooms of an impressive Villa Liberty from the early 20th century.


My passion and
tradition at your service.

Cooking for you!









The Story

After graduating from the hotel management school of Formia, Ilario Vinciguerra acquired significant professional experience in some of the best restaurants in Europe, notably from Don Alfonso 1890, on the characteristic peninsula of Sorrento. The desire to better express his talent led him in 2000 to the ‘Antica Trattoria Monte Costone’ in Galliate Lombardo, a small village in the province of Varese, where for 11 years he developed a real laboratory to introduce people to his culinary philosophy. In 2006 he became Emerging Chef for Gambero Rosso, critics and newspapers – including foreign ones – started taking an interest in him, and so the need for a more important and prestigious location was born. Chef Vinciguerra found this in the Villa Liberty in Gallarate where in 2011 he inaugurated his new Ilario Vinciguerra Restaurant.


Maximum satisfaction of the olfactory, visual and gustatory senses. This is the philosophy of Ilario Vinciguerra in the kitchen. His personality is reflected in his dishes – which he himself designed and conceived – perfection in the presentation, the distinct flavours and the excellence of the ingredients combine the essence of good cuisine, traditional and yet altogether modern. Our cuisine is in constant evolution, never failing to surprise, without ever losing sight of the traditional Mediterranean colours and ingredients. A true gift for lovers of authentic flavours.


real Mediterranean


The Menu

We change and refresh our menu every two months, taking care to always have seasonal produce; However we do keep our traditional recipes on the menu throughout the year.

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Nestled in an elegant and refined atmosphere yet still with a sense of home as it is still a villa, our restaurant is the perfect location, not only for an unforgettable dinner, but also to immerse yourself in a moment of relaxation.


unique experience.

The Restaurant

We change and refresh our menu every two months, taking care to always have seasonal produce; However we do keep our traditional recipes on the menu throughout the year.

My wife Marika will guide you through a selection of over 1300 wines. Our cellar boasts both local and international wine lists..

The Bistro

A perfect solution to satisfy schedule and budget while preserving the quality of the service and ingredients. On the first floor of the villa, you can enjoy traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

The Green Table

The Guest is at the center of the scene. An exciting experience in the kitchen where anything can happen!
Welcome to The Green Table, where you’ll eat only what the kitchen and the Chef have to offer you.