Gourmet Food Truck


The gourmet food truck of Chef Ilario Vinciguerra, located in the parking lot at the entrance of the imposing Villa Liberty.

A culinary experience made of good food, with refined ingredients and high quality raw materials. Home cooking, this is how we like to define our project that enhances the food of our tradition, offering the customer the refined and authentic flavors of the past.


Bringing the excellence of our territory to the road. The idea that most stimulated us was to offer good food within everyone’s reach. Gourmet dishes become accessible, enhanced by unconventional cuisine on two wheels, combined with passion, technique and flavors.

La Cucina di Casa is the third project by Ilario Vinciguerra World, after the inauguration of the “Ciao Bar”, located in the summer garden and “Il Salotto da Ilario”, the lounge bar located on the first floor of the Villa. This project expresses the desire to be in a place at home, where people can feel at ease and carefree, wrapped in the authenticity of Italian cuisine made with love.


We integrate and update the menu of our “Home Kitchen” every day, with particular attention to fresh seasonal products, while retaining some unmissable proposals of our tradition. From the morning it is possible to find products that represent our home pastry, including our Neapolitan pastiera, sfogliatelle, apple tartlets, rum babas. For your light lunches or evening aperitifs, our home kitchen offers many proposals, from the “cuzzetiello” sandwich, made with our own bread, to soups and other tray alternatives to provide the customer with a complete experience, completed with our take-away drinks.