Ilario Vinciguerra

Honest cooking that brings immediate sensations that are at once both traditional and modern. Cuisine in constant evolution that surprises but never loses sight of its typically Mediterranean ingredients and colours.

From France to Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, without forgetting an important Italian milestone: Don Alfonso 1890 at Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, Naples. A place where our chef left a little piece of his heart.

This richly rewarding journey of national and international professional experiences has encouraged him to seek and create something highly personal that reflects his style and philosophy. In March 2011 a magnificent villa of the Italian Art Nouveau period in the heart of Gallarate became the setting for the new Ilario Vinciguerra Restaurant. Born of his compelling need to evolve in terms not only of space but also his cuisine, which never ceases to grow.

«The idea of a single dish is just not enough, you have to be able to go further and reach for complete satisfaction of the senses of smell, sight and flavour.
These are the key points that guide each of the chef‘s creations together with his famous 3 P’s, pane, pasta and pasticceria (Bread, Pasta and Pastries in English), all rigorously “home-made”».


Lo mejor de la gastronomía

Italia a Tavola
Personaggio dell’anno 2013

Associazione Italiana Sommelier
Ristorante dell’anno 2012

Touring Club
2 Medaglie


Socio Associazione Le Soste
dal 2010


The chef Ilario Vinciguerra offers his culinary art for both corporate events and private lessons.

We offer our experience together with that of our entire staff in order to create menus that will be the crowning glory of corporate and private events on all occasions. Together we can draw up menus that will most suit your needs with the utmost attention for the choice of raw materials.

In order to live an even more unique experience, chef Ilario Vinciguerra is delighted to open up his kitchen to all who require it, not for a show cooking or a formal lesson, but for a creative workshop that will illustrate a philosophy developed over the years and reflected in all his dishes.


Ideal for aperitifs, events and tasty treats, Mozzy Bag was created by the chef to concentrate an explosion of the flavour of buffalo mozzarella in a single mouthful.
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