We update the menu card every two months, with particular attention to seasonal products, while retaining some historic restaurant dishes. For the wines we will guide you, thanks to the experience of our sommeliers, among a selection of over 1300 labels.


Cuisine in continual evolution, each experience a surprise that never loses sight of its typically Mediterranean ingredients and colours. A unique gift for all lovers of authentic tastes and flavours.

Ilario Vinciguerra’s dishes are a true reflection of the chef’s personality. Designed and conceived by the chef himself, they are finely presented with clean flavours and excellence of raw materials marrying to highlight the essence of a cuisine that is at one and the same time sincere, traditional and modern.


From France to Germany, Belgium and Switzerland, without forgetting an important Italian milestone: Don Alfonso 1890 at Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, Napoli.

«The idea of a single dish is just not enough, you have to be able to go further and reach for complete satisfaction of the senses of smell, sight and flavour». These are the key points that guide each of the chef’s creations together with his famous 3 P’s, pane, pasta and pasticceria (Bread, Pasta and Pastries in English), all rigorously “home-made”.


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